Whiteboard Videos VS Regular Videos: Which One Is Better For Your Business

Both whiteboard and regular videos are an important tool while doing any explanatory modern day businesses, but how can we choose the one which can give us better results in very short period of time. No matter what the price says, we still have to pay something.

Here are few pros and cons of both the tools to clear all the doubts:

Pros of whiteboard videos

  • Whiteboard videos are fun and attention seeking in general, as people love the motion and moving objects so they can communicate with people better. Easily.
  • Whiteboard videos are simple and memorable as we can only see the white background and narrations, there is no need to worry about getting distracted by the unnecessary actors or images.
  • Whiteboard video always comes up with a call to action. The interested viewers should be given something to respond to the video.
  • Whiteboard videos are very handy to produce (with StudioNett) without the need for any specific updates if the product appearance change in future.

Cons of whiteboard videos

  • Whiteboard videos cannot use more than one character which can engage and communicate with the viewers.
  • White board videos are usually one dimensional and they are being created in such a way as they are only moving and reacting.

Pros of regular videos

  • Regular videos has the potential to offer the exact snapshot of a product, which is very much necessary if you have a particular project to present.
  • Regular videos can include multiple characters which can engage more with the audiences.

Cons of regular videos

  • Regular videos are very specific by nature, which can make it hard to explain the benefits of the product.
  • Regular videos, if they are done poorly by any non-professional people can make the product looks really awful.
  • Regular videos may include scenes, which have both stimuli and actors, which can make it hard for the viewers to understand the proper messages.

Your specific products or services must be analyzed first, which type of video will look better with the product. Some companies use both regular and whiteboard videos but you should ask first, the goals you would like to achieve with your the product, then which one you will use.

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