Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video for Your Website

Today, it is impossible to put a blind eye on the way explainer videos have impacted internet marketing. Website owners have started to deviate from traditional methods of attracting consumers to their sites by conveniently adopting one stop short video clip that in an engaging and lively manner communicates to viewers everything there is to know about the site.

Information seekers on website will no longer be subjected to the strain of reading through large texts anymore.

You can’t miss to have an explainer video on your site

For any business to succeed in this global market full of neck to neck competition, it needs to be on top, in its services and how it markets itself. It is for that reason organizations are making sure that their pages’ search engines are optimized and attract more traffic than their competitors.

According to a study that was done by 2012, 53% of people who use Google to search for information only utilize the first-page results. The other 47% is shared among the subsequent site owners; call it survival of the fittest. To make matters worse if your page appears on the 10th spot on Google search page, it will only receive 2.2% of the traffic.

No one wants to be at the bottom, especially when it comes to Google rankings and that why everyone fights for the top spot or at least be on the pages receiving high traffic if you run that online business.

How does this relate to explainer video?

Ever wondered how Google ranks websites? They do this through an algorithm that takes into consideration the amount of time that visitors spend on your page. So, with a well-crafted, informative and eye-catching explainer video, you will be able to buy yourself some more visitors’ time and put your page in the Google rankings’

Is that not what everyone with an online business wants, as it will translate into customer conversion? If you had any doubts about the incredible results explainer video delivers, just take a look at Clickbank and find out websites with top rated conversion rates in your niche. You will notice that they have a trademark: explainer videos.

Let’s be realistic would you prefer to read a 200-page novel or watch the same in a movie of 2 hours? To support this, a research conducted by the University of Hamburg shows that people’s average attention span is 8 seconds, thus, they will not concentrate much while reading those monotonous texts. However, they will spend on an average 2.7 minutes on that single online video, is that not incredible news to people using explainer videos?

Do you need more proof that explainer video is a game changer? had more reason to smile when they adopted explainer video to market their products. Their online sales conversion rate increased by 44%. As a consequence, the Vice President and General Manager of Vision Retailing Inc., the parent company of, Frank Malsbenden stated that those results prompted them to add more videos on many of their products as possible.

Furthermore, Comscore an organization that tracks online data stated that business sites that exposed visitors to explainer videos for two minutes or more on average, had a 64% customer conversion likelihood compared to sites that had only text.

Truth be told, if you are tactically disadvantaged in online marketing, you are missing a great deal of chances and customers. I need not say more as statistics don’t lie. If you need to outdo your competitors, adopt an amazing explainer video and compliment that website’s text, and start reaping positive results.

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